Welcome to the Espace Jeu de Peindre in Corseaux

A space dedicated to free expression of painting for anyone from anywhere of any age

Jeu de peindre Corseaux

The workshop that boosts your creativity and improves your spontaneity

Come and experience a moment of relaxation, letting go and well-being in a space protected from the intrusions of the outside world, supervised by a practitioner of the play of painting trained by Arno Stern.

The play of painting is a process-based approach to painting, play, self-expression and well-being.

Rediscover the pleasure of painting, without judgment or constraint, anyone from anywhere of any age can paint to their heart’s content. Participants paint what they need to paint and not what should be painted. Each participant is the hero in their own individual and infinite painted play – acted out in the presence of others, in solidarity, not competition.

Practising the Play of Painting

No need to know how to draw or be an artist! The participant is empowered in the natural evolution of their unique skills and potential.

Regular practise of the play of painting allows everyone to rediscover their spontaneity in the simple act of tracing. The more one learns how to draw from one’s own inner resources rather than from external ones, the more one’s self confidence will grow.

According to Arno Stern, the first practitioner of creative education and inventor of the play of painting, the act of tracing is one of the fundamental necessities of being and the disposition for this act is in each of us. Its accomplishment gives boundless pleasure.

Premises and equipment

In order to offer the play of painting, the place has been especially equipped with an 18-color table-palette, quality brushes and gouache paint designed for children. In addition, the walls can accommodate floor-to-ceiling designs.

The courses take place in a workshop fitted out to welcome children and adults in Corseaux, near Vevey (Vaud).

“Imagine this space away from the pressures of everyday life. Imagine the meeting, in this space, of a dozen people who have unlearnt competition because it is their differences that are affirmed here - different ages, personalities, and origins. Finally, imagine an activity that has the virtues of play and the seriousness of a task on which all of a being's faculties concentrate themselves!” Arno Stern