Welcome to the Espace Jeu de Peindre in Corseaux

The Espace Jeu de Peindre is a painting workshop that offers various painting courses for all ages. It is located in Corseaux, a village near Vevey.

Would you like to paint freely? Personalize t-shirts or objects? Discover the basics of decorative painting? You will find what you need in one of the workshops presented below.

Participants in the various workshops are supervised by Christian Rattaz, an art craftsman with a diploma from the Institut Supérieur de Peinture Décorative de Paris and a practitioner of the play of painting.

The workshop that boosts creativity, cultivates spontaneity and increases self-confidence

The play of painting is a workshop of free expression of painting, which puts forward the pleasure of painting without judgment, nor constraint. This play leads everyone to reconnect with themselves and to let go. The aim of the play is to let yourself go and paint what you need to paint, without worrying about what people will say. The play of painting is not there to teach a drawing technique or to impose a way of doing things. On the contrary, the play of painting helps everyone to tap into their own creativity. Thus, the regular practice of the play of painting allows everyone to rediscover their spontaneity. It develops self-confidence in one's own resources and skills.

Every Friday from 4pm (except during school vacations)

Creative workshops

L'Espace Jeu de Peindre offers creative workshops open to all:

  • Stencil t-shirt customisation workshop
  • Workshop for gilding a decorative object with gold and/or copper leaf

Specialised workshops in decorative painting

L'Espace Jeu de Peindre also offers technical workshops specialising in decorative painting:

  • Faux wood
  • Faux marble
  • Stencil
  • Patina

Contact Christian Rattaz directly for any information.

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